How to hear God’s voice

One of the amazing benefits of being born-again is you can actually develop a personal relationship with Jesus Himself!

There are a variety of ways Jesus speaks to His children –those who have acknowledged He is Lord and made Him their personal Savior-. (If you have not been born-again, I urge you to learn how to by Clicking Here! Your eternal life surely depends on it.)

Jesus speaks through:

  • His Word – The Bible.
  • Dreams.
  • Visions
  • Impressions (feelings).
  • Spontaneous thoughts.
  • Words of knowledge (a personal word He gives to someone about you)
  • And many other infinite ways!

Jesus is super creative!!! Just look around you… all of His creation surely has His stamp on it.

I mean just look at yourself… What a wonderful piece of creation He made!

He surely knows what He’s doing!

For that matter, Jesus is NOT to be put into a box, confined to our own understanding on how He speaks or how He does not. He will definitely speak to each one of us in the way that we understand best. Just remember there’s nothing in this world He ignores about you. So, no need to pretend! Just simply believe and if you can’t believe this, ask Him to help you. Just pray this simple prayer:

Father God, help my unbelief. Help me believe I can hear you and communicate with you on a personal level. I fervently desire to hear from you. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

It is possible! I’m living-proof. The only requirement is to have child-like faith. At the time of our salvation when we became born-again), the Holy Spirit came to live in our hearts! Now God is living within us and the direct access of communication men lost in the Garden of Eden with God has been restored.

You can definitely learn to hear the voice of God!

I was led to Mark Vikler’s teaching on how to hear God’s voice.

Mark Vikler’s excellently teaches:

  • how to be still/quiet (without any interruptions).
  • how to focus on Jesus (which simply means to think of/imagine Jesus).
  • how to tune in or listen to the spontaneous thoughts that come into your mind.
  • how to simply “journal” these thoughts while you’re listening Him speak.

Of course, Mark Vikler does a far better job explaining these 4 simple steps to achieve this and it’s something you can try immediately as I just explained.

Here’s the link to his free video teachings on how to do this. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is seriously seeking to learn to hear from God.

You will be blown-away when you begin this journey. This is truly why you were created for…To fellowship with God Himself.

No one, no matter how qualified they are,will never be able to give you a better advice than God Himself.  He created you, therefore, He knows exactly what you’re going through and what you need at every given moment of your life. And it’s all for FREE!

God willingly gives His Amazing Counsel to anyone who’s willing to ask and seek Him for it. So do it today!


Start Reading/Listening to the Gospel of John