Answering God’s Call


On a cold January morning in 2016, God spoke to me these words:

“There are terrible times coming!”

without any hesitation, I quickly replied:

Why are you telling me this?…

and again I asked:

Why are you telling me this if you know I’d worry?

And His response astonished me:

“… because I know you’d worry is that I’m telling you!”

That was my first real conversation with God and looking back, oh what I whiner I was!  But, at that moment, in all honesty, I was not sure what had actually happened. I had my doubts even though I answered so quickly.  I began to question myself…

Did God just warn me about the coming times? Did I just engage in a two-way dialogue with Him?!

I immediately went into my bedroom and began searching online if other people had also heard God speak to them.  I thought if anyone had received actual messages from God, then it would reassured me that I wasn’t going crazy.

To my surprise, there were many people who had similar experiences and what a relief that was!

I landed on a site where many people were publicly sharing God’s messages to them.

And at that moment I realized how serious and real it all was and I finally began to understand that:

God was actually calling me!

On the same site, I came across an article titled How to go to heaven which really intrigued me.  As I began reading it, many thoughts came running through my mind, but there was a prevalent one:

How can someone know with certainty they can go to heaven?

I had never heard such teaching in my 30+ years of being Catholic. How could this be? How could someone know for sure where they’ll end up after they die. This discovery was life changing! Literally!

The more I read into this article, the more I became convinced that heaven is real. It was not an imaginary hopeful place to wish to go to after death. Heaven, not only existed, but the decision to go there is ours not God’s. God does not send anyone to hell, people choose to go there. God would never force Himself on anyone.  He doesn’t have to! He gives us free will to choose where we want to spend eternity. We are the ones who ultimately decide whether we go to heaven or hell.

This was the beginning of my awakening to The Truth. Wow, the more I read into the article, the more eye-opening it was. One thing that became even more prevalent was the realization that everything I had been taught about salvation was a lie. Here are some of the points that became crystal clear  and I’m so grateful to God for taking the blinds off my eyes:

  • Heaven  and Hell are as real as you and me.
  • You only get to decide where you want to spend eternity here on earth, not in some fictitious place called purgatory. After you die, you will go either to heaven or hell. There are no second chances!
  • The Only Way to heaven is through Jesus, the Only Begotten Son of God.
  • Whoever rejects Jesus has already chosen death.

Well, what about the terrible times God warned me about when He first called me?
They are indeed coming! Get right with God Now!